Short Term Programmes in English Boarding Schools and Northern Ireland Boarding Schools is an educational experience that many overseas students seek whilst developing their English Language skills. A growing number of UK Boarding Schools/ Northern Ireland boarding schools offer overseas students the opportunity to immerse themselves fully into the routines and culture of the school for varying periods of time, for example between 1-6 weeks, a term, two terms, an academic year or longer.

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Short Term Programmes in England are offered by Boarding Schools in England and Northern Ireland that understand how the need of international students to learn English has created an emerging demand for short courses in English Boarding Schools/Northern Ireland Boarding Schools and offer overseas students the opportunity to attend classes alongside full time students of a similar age and to immerse themselves fully into the routines and activities of the boarding house and school.

Overseas students are offered the opportunity to develop fluency in English Language, forge friendships that often last and develop a confidence in the use of the English Language that will lay down firm foundations for future learning.

Schools offer a mixture of cultural and fun excursions that can include visits to museums, castles or a theme park.

All our English Boarding and Northern Ireland Boarding schools take great care to integrate overseas pupils quickly and efficiently into the boarding regime and daily routines of the school.

Some of our schools require a telephone interview to assess the suitability of the candidate for boarding and some schools may require an English Level Test. Most require no tests or telephone interviews at all.

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Parents of international students have long had an affinity with English boarding schools believing that they offer the best English education for their sons and daughters. This has been tried and tested over the years and remains true to this day. It is also true of the Northern Ireland Boarding Schools.

We have international students of all ages seeking short term boarding from ages 9-17, and to-date every overseas student on this programme has benefited significantly from the boarding/educational experience.

Unwavering strengths of all our schools is their ability to integrate overseas students into the school, encourage and nurture their skills in the English Language and monitor all academic and pastoral progress during the term.

Our boarding schools offer Short Term Programmes in the full knowledge that international parents place a high value on full integration into the English Language and culture whilst wishing to retain continuity with their home based education.

Schools reserve the right to refuse an application if they consider the applicant unsuitable for boarding.

Term fees start at around £4,500 plus airport transfers if required.

Short term programme fees start at around £500 per week per student. Airport transfers are available - fees depend upon location of school.




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Please email A SIMPLE SOLUTION or call Jackie Harrison on 07968754279 for further information.

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Short Term Programmes in England offers international students a unique educational opportunity.